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    Tableau view published on server appears blank until "Refresh" button is clicked

    Yashaswi Singh

      Hello fellow Tableau users,


      I am facing a rather peculiar problem. I have created a View in Tableau Desktop and published on Tableau Server. When I try to see the View on Tableau Server I am unable to and it appears blank. It is only visible when I click on the "Refresh" button on the toolbar on the server 

      Let me give some details that may be required:

      • Tableau Desktop version: 10.0.0
      • Tableau Server version: 10.1.3
      • Five Data Sources used to create the view, all of which are published on the server i.e. Tableau Data Sources
        • One data source gets refreshed every day, the remaining four have to be refreshed manually as per need

      I have created other reports with the same setup but have not encountered such an issue before.

      Any help/guidance would be much appreciated.