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    Switch Color Palette Based on Parameter (Accessibility Purposes)

    Joshua Terchek

      So, I am trying to make a viz more accessible to persons with disabilities. In meeting with our disability resources folks, they thought a good work around might be to allow individuals with visual impairments to select an "enhanced" version of the viz using a radio dial. Initially, the primary concern is on discrete variables, but could be applied to continuous as well. Basically, I would like to set a parameter that would allow the user to select the view that suits them.


      So far I have tried the following:

      1. Copied my variable (Value Labels) of interst and named it "Value Labels Enhanced"
      2. Set default properties on each to the color palette that best meets my needs (a custom internal palette and the color blind palette)
      3. Created a parameter "Enhancements" with values 1 and 2
      4. Created calculated field (Value Labels Colors) <If [Enhancements]=1 then (value labels) elseif [Enhancement]=2 then (value labels enhanced) end.>
      5. Drag (Value labels colors) to the color field.


      The color changing works when the variables are applied to color separately, but not when I used the calculated field. Basically, the defaults from the original variables are not carrying over from the  Is there a way around this?


      My best guess would be adding a statement like <If [Enhancements]=1 then ((value labels)& color-palette="Tableau 10" elseif [Enhancement]=2 then ((value labels enhanced) and color-palette="Color Blind"   end.>


      Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.