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    Find a companies first engagement program

    Damon Reynolds

      New to Tableau, need a bit of help with a graph.


      I have a data table that contains a list of company names, programs they are involved in and the date that their involvement started.


      For example:


      Company NameProgramContract Date
      Company AIND01/04/2002
      Company AGEO01/04/2010
      Company BIND01/04/2003
      Company CGEO01/04/2017


      I am trying to create a few different graphs that illustrate how our clients engage with our companies programs.  Do they first get an IND project and then move on to a GEO later?  Do they only sign on to IND or GEO?  I would like to learn how to show only companies with multiple engagements (Company A), and then further, which program was their first engagement (IND) , second engagement (GEO), third engagement and so on, based on the contract date.


      Eventually I would also like to calculate the number of companies with multiple engagements that started in IND, or GEO, or any other of our programs and I think I can figure that out if I could just get past this first stage.