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    Adding a Calculated Text Label to the End of A Trend Line

    Marc Levy

      In the attached workbook, I'd like to show a text label at the end of the line that shows the difference between the first month and the last month.  


      As a nice to have, it would be good if the difference could be conditionally colored, with green for a positive difference (e.g. showing a plus sign and the number, such as "+5%"), black for no change "+0%" or for a negative difference with red, showing with a negative sign and the number (e.g. "-10%").... As a note, in the attached example, the calculated field would show -15% at the end of the line, which is the difference between January (60%) and April (45%)


      Also, I might also want to show a label with the month over month change in certain charts (from March to April). 


      I do not want to manually annotate -- as I have over 50 different charts like this one.  Instead, a calculated field would be much easier.


      Any help would be appreciated -- ideally an explanation in the reply and an attached workbook with the solution.