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    Need help re-arranging a dashboard without breaking it

    P R

      10.2 Mac


      I have an ugly dashboard, mainly because the client wants to see everything that I have displayed on there. So I am not worried about that. What I want to do is take the "average compliance" bar chart and make it at the top of the dashboard. Then take the "Average ratings and standard deviations" table and put it where the "average compliance" bar chart was. Basically, I want to switch places with the first table and third table.  Also there is an "average compliance" table to the right of my first table. I want to move that along with the first table.


      Also, can we make the table with the circles for "average ratings" display all 16 questions without the need to scroll? When I try to do that, it makes all the tables beneath it smaller.



      Can I do this without recreating the dashboard. Its such a pain to move things around, is there an easy way to do it?