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    How can I calculate Average Time (00:00:00:00)?

    Thiago Alpoin



      I had a hard time to get an average time on my report.


      Here's the challenge part:


      - The time difference (5th column - image below) was calculated if there's any succeeding row for the same clientID. If no subsequent, no calculation necessary and 5th row result in 0.

      - If there's a calculation and a DATEDIFF, I'm looking for the average per day (disconnected_at)

      - Once average found, not sure what's the best visualization to present this results - initially thought on a single bar. I attempted to do so in my sheet2. However, I'll be more than happy to hear any recommendation for a visualization in this condition.


      Here's a screenshot


      I'm looking for a calculation that would give me on 3/6 the average time of 01:29:37 (per image below)

      Ps. formation 00:00:00 is important




      Please find attached my sample.


      Could someone help me understand what am I doing wrong on sheet2 for calculation and visualization?


      I truly appreciate any help on this one.


      Many Thanks