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    Date Data Representation Ideas

    Adam Rauh

      Hey guys,


      Based off of a viz/video I'd seen at a Tableau conference, I started the below thread (which was very helpful):




      I've been away from Tableau for a few months, so now I'm kind of jumping back on the same wagon.  However, while I still my use my lollipop idea, for trending data over time (or looking at a lot of data) it's not be the best.  So, i wanted to take another stab at it, and throw it out to the community for some cool ways to represent this data.


      The process is the same as represented in the above thread, but for a process refresher:


      We have a new hire process (oversimplified - I'm actually combining a few tables/sources to get the below simplified examples...but for ease sake) whereby one Requisition creates several tasks, all which we'd like to track date information on: 




      REQ #TaskItemAssigned ToAssignment GroupCreated DateCompleted DateDue DateManagerDepartmentShort Description
      Req 1Task 1Mgr Surveynullnull4/1/20174/7/20175/1/2017George WashingtonSalesNew Hire - Jane Doe: 5/1/2017
      Req 1Task 2Account SetupTom JoneseLifecycle Support4/1/20174/4/20175/1/2017George WashingtonSalesNew Hire - Jane Doe: 5/1/2017
      Req 1Task 3Hardware DeploymentB ObamaChicago Team4/1/20174/10/20175/1/2017George WashingtonSalesNew Hire - Jane Doe: 5/1/2017


      See attached workbook w/ a few examples.  Note: 'nulls'  in Assigned to/Assignment Group are where the doesn't exist a value there (it just how our tables are setup).  Null's in for ex the 'Task 1 Mgr Survey' means the manager never filled out the survey (happens sometimes).


      Ex's of things I'm going to be working on, and they Q's they intend to answer are:


      • Avg amount of time from Req Created Date to Completed Date of each Task
        • How soon are we finding out about the new hire before they start?
      • Avg amount of time from Completed Date of each task till Due Date
        • How far in advance are we completing the tasks before the new hire starts?
      • Avg time by Team's ('Assignment Group') and Tech's ('Assigned To') to complete their tasks
        • How fast are we working?
      • If there ever were tasks completed after the start date
        • Are we ever going over, or not competing the tasks before the start date?
      • Completion % of manager survey
        • Are there manager's that seem to have a habit of not getting the information back to us that we need?


      Etc. etc. etc.  I'm going to be playing around with it over the next few days, but wanted to throw it out to the community to see what other cool ideas that may come about.  Feedback is welcome.


      Feel free to get creative with it.  See attached.