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    Working with Percentages

    davyd Smith

      This is probably pretty simple but I am lost on how to do it.  I am working in Desktop version 9.3


      I am crunching stats for animal shelters and rescues.


      I have one number that I want to compare most of the time and the simple comparison on a bar chart of whole numbers works, for instance:

      • Total Intake (all animals in the shelter that year)
      • Total Positive outcomes (all animals adopted, transferred, returned to owner, etc)
      • Total Negative outcomes (Animals dies in the shelter, stolen, missing, etc.)


      So that’s easy enough and works well for looking at on or more organizations about the same size in intake. 

      But when comparing two organizations it can become a problem when one shelter brings in 10,000+ animals and another brings in 100.  The comparison is not clear because they deal with a much different volume of animals and bar charts when comparing 10 or 100 organizations it does not visualize well.


      But I would like a bar chart to show percentages on things like this as well, for example:


      • Total Intake 100%
      • Total Positive outcomes 80%(Of Intake)
      • Total Negative outcomes 20%(Of Intake)



      • Total Intake 100%
      • Total Transfers from out of state 30%(Of Intake)


      This helps compare the performance of a large and a small shelter side by side and how they are doing with one or more metrics on a percentage basis of total animals in their care.

      I assume I need to create a calculated field or something.  I tried just using the “Percentage of” tool under the Analysis tab, bu that is not working right for me.  Maybe it is just something I am missing.


      I tried to attach the whole TWB but it is 50 MB and aqpparently to large to upload to the forum.