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    Out of Stock Analysis Tableau

    asad khan


      Please help me to make right calculations. I tried but could not it myself.

      I have the following data: Shop, Weight1, Hand, Maufecturure,Brand,Flv(Flavor),Size, Purch(Purchase of this Type in Last one week), T_Stk (Total Stock of this Type in Shop).

      I need to calculate/ analyse out of stocking at different levels (At Maufecturure OR Brand) Level.


      The formula depicts, if T_Stk (Total Stock) is "0" for a specific Maufecturure (A-Man) for each of its product (Brand + Flv + Size) then it will be marked as Out of Stock on that Shop. In this way,


      Out of Stock = Sum of distinct (Shops weight (Weight1) that are out of Stock) / Sum of Distinct (Weight (Weight1) of all Shops)



      I need help for the calculation of this OOS.