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    Analyzing attributes contained in multiple rows of a log

    Gordon Kennedy

      I'm a new user currently learning my way around Tableau and would be grateful for some help with analyzing some data.


      What I'm trying to achieve

      • Be able to analyze/visualize:
        • Popularity/Sales volume of products by:
          • Customer
          • Language
          • Date (e.g. year or quarter)


      Orientation to the packaged workbook

      In the attached (mock) Packaged Workbook you'll find:

      • TransactionLog contains a timestamp and a GUID
      • ExtendedPropertyLog contains the details for each of the entries in TransactionLog. Specifically in this case:
        • Product Ordered
        • Language of Product
        • Customer who ordered it
        • For each row in the TransactionLog, there will be three entries in the ExtendedPropertyLog which provide the above details pertaining to that transaction
        • The column ExtendedPropertyTypeID indicates what the row pertains to
        • The column Value can contain the GUID for either Product, Language, or Customer depending on the value of ExtendedPropertyTypeID for that row.
      • The other three tables contain a GUID and a description for product, language and customer.

      In this simplified version of the data, there are therefore three rows in the ExtendedPropertyLog for each of the rows in the TransactionLog.


      To summarize:

      In simple terms, what I'd really like is a table which has the following columns:

      • Transactionlog.TransactionLogID
      • Transactionlog.timestamp
      • Products.ProductName
      • Language.Language
      • Customer.CustomerName


      You'll see that I've created sample worksheets for the attributes I'd like to visualize. The aim would be to eliminate the null column/row and have the inner value of the tables be populated. The procedure to combine the attributes housed in those three rows is what I'm really not sure how to do.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.