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    Showing a top 25 in a week on week comparison

    Ben Powis

      Hi fellow Tableau users, I am creating an SEO report using data from Google Search Console and I would like to show the top 25 queries (by clicks) from last week, compared to the previous week, with difference indicators. I've got this far, but I have results showing up in my data that wern't displayed last week, but did show up the week before (i'm currently filtering the top 25 by clicks to get this). Also, I'd also like to have filters for device and channel group, my problem is that when I filter I only seem to be filtering these top 25 results, leaving me with fewer results the more I refine. I'd like a dynamic 25 that shows me only queries that were displayed last week, and their stats from the previous week is available.


      I tried RANK() on clicks, but this also ranks the previous week, so it does not stop me getting queries that wern't seen last week in my top 25, does anyone have any other suggestions on how I can get this working?


      SEO dashboard image.PNG