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    Multiple Colors on a Filled Map

    Vince Cressio

      Hey all, long time listener, first time caller. I am hoping to get some help with a Filled Map I would like to create. I am using Tableau 9.1, and I have been stumped for a while here trying to create a Filled Map using Zip Codes with two different measures. I am measuring emergency response times, and ideally I would like to color the zip codes by a measure of our average response time, and then set the transparency of the zip code by the number of records. We service contiguous zip codes, so labels become problematic at zoomed out levels, and the data looks skewed because the impact of large, remote zip codes is minimal, but the geographic size is large. I am not able to post my actual workbook because of privacy issues, but here is a screenshot of what I am working with:


      Tableau Example.JPG


      I have tried to put both measures on the Color mark in an effort to do something with a shifting color scale, but dragging the second measure to color replaces the original measure as the only color for the map. Similarly, shift or control clicking to highlight both measures at once and then dragging them onto the color mark does not seem to work in any way, shape, or form.


      Anyone here familiar with what I am trying to do, or possibly a workaround? I've attached a very basic mock-up of what I am trying to do in with the Superstore database, but the zip codes are very spread out and do not really do justice to the problems I am facing. Since I seem stumped on how to accomplish what I want to do I have put # of records on the label mark in the attached example.