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    Change Minimum Parameter Filter to Range Filter

    Chris Warton

      We're using Tableau Desktop 10.2 and Tableau Online.


      I have a visualization (packaged workbook attached) I'm having trouble with.


      We license users to use our product a certain number of times in a day. They can, however, use more than their licensed usage per day. We use that as an upsell opportunity.


      So I have a visualization that goes to a database of usages per day per user and shows users who've gone over a certain percentage of their usage on a certain percentage of the days in an input period. Sounds confusing. Basically, I can input a time period (say, March 1-March 10). I can also put in a percentage of days (say, 50%) (labelled Days Required on the visualization). Then I can put in a percentage of usage (say, 100%) (labelled Minimum value on the visualization). Then the visualization will show all the users who, between March 1 and March 10, used more than 100% of their licensed usage on more than 50% of the days. I hope that makes it a bit clearer.


      So this is great - it's working well. But now the users have decided they want something more - instead of being able to input a minimum value for the percentage of usage (in the Minimum Value filter), they want to be able to put in a range - such as 30%-50%. That way we could use it to show users who aren't using anywhere near all their licenses (perhaps that's a training opportunity for us). We could set the range to 0%-30% and then see all the users who, on more than 50% of the days in the input time period, have used less than 30% of their licenses.


      So how do I convert the Minimum Value filter to a 'Reporting Values' range?


      Thanks for any help or tips.

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          Amber Loranger

          HI Chris,

          A parameter always shows a singular value, so we're not going to get the "range" interaction like you would with a filter. You could however create a 2nd parameter called "Maximum Value" and then change the calc to something like

          [License Usage]>[Minimum Value] AND [License Usage<[Maximum Value]. You would have two parameters to set, but I think it will do the trick.

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