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    Query response time is too long

    Naisarg Patel

      We are using Tableau Desktop 10.2.1 with Kylin 1.6. We got success to connect kylin with tableau wia ODBC driver.

      We have one table in kylin having 41 columns and around 5 milion records. And we use this table as a data source in tableau.

      When we prepare report in Tableau with some rows and columns, it is firing “select * from <table>” query on Kylin. Ideally Tableau should only fire specific group by querys based on the reports.

      And because we have so many data in the cube, the “select * from <table>” query on kyline make the Kylin hangup and then it is not responding.


      Do we have a way to stop the “select * from <table>” query from Tableau ?