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    Create dynamic top buckets based on parameter

    Manikandan V

      Hi ,


      I have a requirement to enter top from and top to customers to be entered from parameter and to filter the entire dashboard which is at different levels (category,product group) to be

      filtered only for those top customer range entered in the parameter.For ex if user enters 11-20 in the 2 parameters respectively then the entire report should display the values only for these top 11-20 customers for all the sections.Note : There are four sections and each is at different level.To be clear in a category level section

      if the sales for category A is $100 and Category B is $120 then if the user filters top 11-20 then the value for these category should be filtered accordingly.


      I tried creating a combined set,

      set  1- based on top from customer parameter -for instance top 1

      set 2 based on top to customer parameter  - for instance top 10

      set 3 - combined set with option "Set 2 except shared members"


      I am facing a problem where the top 1 customer is not displayed since it is doing set 2 minus set 1.I also tried created LOD expressions but dint work.

      Any help would be very helpful.