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    Guest Access with SAML in 10.2

    Kevin Sheridan

      I know in 10.2 we can now set up Guest Access to sites instead of the whole server.  This is huge for us so that we can allow our Public site to be accessed by folks who haven't signed up for Tableau Server specifically.  However, in testing in our QA environment, we get the tableau based Unable to Sign in error screen when a non-server user tries to access the site.


      We're using SP-initiated SAML with Tableau initiating the request to PingFederate, who then collects credentials and sends to Tableau.  Is tableau not checking for guest access after checking for the Ping response against the list of server users?  I would think if it doesn't connect the user and sees the site is set to allow guest, it should allow it to pass through.  Is this a bug?