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    Bindings could not be resolved for relation [TableauSQL].

    kieran keene

      Hello there,


      I've got a problem and hoped someone could help.


      I am querying cloudera hadoop (using hive) with the below query. When running this directly on the cluster, it works perfectly. However, when running it in Tableau I get the below errors:



      "An error occured while communicating with the data source" - [Cloudera][Hardy] (35) Error from server: error code: '0' error message: 'ExecuteStatement finished with operation state: ERROR_STATE'.


      "Bindings could not be resolved for relation [TableauSQL]."


      THE QUERY:


      SELECT mme_1.dt, event_id, postcode,

      REGEXP_REPLACE(postcode, '\\s+', '') as newpostcode

      FROM udsapp.mme_1

      LEFT JOIN udsapp.magnet ON mme_1.lkey = magnet.lkey               

      WHERE mme_1.dt="20170419" AND event_result="success" AND ((event_id="l_pdn_connect" AND apn_name LIKE "ims.%") OR (event_id="l_dedicated_bearer_activate"))

      GROUP BY  mme_1.dt, event_id, postcode


      All help would be appreciated