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    Performance Issue

    Tushar  More

      Hi Gurus,


      Recently, I am facing a problem while refreshing a workbook on a schedule basis. I am using the server 10.0. The workbook has an extract connection to the SQL server. The workbook contains 1.8 millions of rows of data. We have created a schedule that incrementally refreshes it thrice in a week (After every 2 days). Each refresh adds 1000 rows of data. Now, the problem is that the workbook takes a lot of time to refresh during third schedule (that is on every 6th day). We have business users from different time zone so before I get to know that, they face that problem.


      1.     Why it takes so much time for refresh?

      2.     Is there any way we can monitor performance of the data extract and somehow get alerted if it takes longer than usual.?


      I'd appreciate if any helps to resolve this issue.


      Thanks in advance.