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    How do you highlight a spot in a chart?

    Alex Martino

      How do you highlight a particular point in a line graph (or maybe there is a better chart to do this)? My idea is to highlight the area where it stagnates and then dig deeper to show why there was a lull in that specific year.


      On the same topic is there something that you can do to "dig deeper"? That is there is a lull in cost, and then you click and say it was driven by certain states etc. etc? Thanks!!bangie.png

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          Matthew Risley

          Hey Alex,


          This is a great question! To first start out, Line graphs are very good at showing historical data. However, adding color can sometimes be tricky with line graphs. Consider a bar chart to display this information and see what your end users like best!


          As far as stagnation here are the steps:


          Take your measure and add it to your view and take your time dimension as well:

          Use a default Difference from calculation:


          Edit this in shelf, copy it, paste it into a calculation that checks if the difference is zero (or between values depending on use case:


          Drag this to color:


          All this being said, a line graph does a good job already of being able to show stagnation. Color may not be needed here, so keep that in mind. Always try to use the least amount of "visual enhancers" to get your point across. If color is splashed everywhere, it'll be hard to draw the eye of the reader. Color should be used to POP out a certain indicator.


          As for your "drill down" You are looking for Dashboard Actions. This will take a lot of explaining, but if you'd like I'd try my best to get it across. But this is certainly doable and Tableau does this very well with Dashboard Actions.


          Hope this helps! I've attached my workbook for reference.




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            Patrick A Van Der Hyde

            If you want a simple way to highlight the spot in the stagnation, you could just select the point by right clicking and select 'Annotate Mark' and add some descriptive text to show the mark. You can get more granular as well and mark any point on the line in the same way. 


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              Alex Martino

              Thanks Matthew.


              I know what this formula is doing but you could explain the terms?

              ZN([Average Premium]) - LOOKUP(ZN([Average Premium]), -1)


              When I create the calc dif it just shows null option. I'm segmenting by years. Not days. I've attached my sample (worksheet TEST)



              And sure, I'd appreciate a high level discussion of what I could do with actions (which i'm somewhat familiar wiht).