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    My dashboard has two ways of filtering data based on the date - and I want only one option to be "active" at a time. Help!

    Nicholas Scherrer

      On my dashboard, I want my users to have two ways to view their data based on the date:


      1. Rolling N Months
        • This is how I want my dashboard's set to by default - a rolling 12 month view of the data along with a user-entered "end date", which is where the rolling N month view stops). I also allow them to change the number of months they want to view, from 1-12. Everything is fine here.
      2. A date range selector, which lets them choose a start and end date.


      I've added both options into my dashboard, but I want to be able to only use one of the above at a time. If the default setting is a rolling 12 months, and the user goes to enter in a custom start and end date, I don't want the rolling N months filter involved at all. Also, if they're using the custom date range (whether they're looking at a 2-month window or a 5-year window), if they choose to go back to the rolling N month filter, whatever's entered in the date range is irrelevant.


      So I basically want the equivalent of a radio button between the two options, where when one is selected, the other is ignored.


      I'm not even sure where to begin with this one.