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    How to Add the custom d3 visualisations in Tableau Desktop?

    Lakshman S

      Hi Everyone,


      I am new to tableau software. One thing which I wanted to know is that is there any way to include the custom d3 visualisations into tableau desktop? i.e I am having a Custom D3 visualisation and I wanted to make use of this visualisation in my tableau desktop. So that if I extract the data I should be able to see the custom d3 in the show me option so that I can visualise my data based on this d3 visualisation. where should I paste the custom d3 files? Is there any way that how I can achieve this?

      In  MicroStrategy, i can copy the d3 files into the plugins folder and by modifying the code I can get the visualisation showing up in the Desktop. So, Is there any similar options in tableau?