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    Unable to use some calculation types

    Alex Marlow



      I am missing some calculation types from my menu. I'm not sure if it is due to the data source or exactly what the cause is. I have created a similar data set with other data which is how I already have the calculated fields created. One of the calculations I need to use is the Fixed calculation.


      I have attached my data source. Maybe someone can help me identify what the problem is?


      Thank you!

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          Simon Runc

          Hi Alex,


          So looks like you've done a switch datasource?...


          So this is a bit annoying, but when Tableau does a "Replace datasource" it does it imperfectly!


          One of the things that goes wrong is "dependent" calcs don't get written across. These are calcs that are used in other calcs, but are never used (themselves) is any sheet. If I look in your error-ed calc, I see this



          Just a reference to a calc it can no longer find....So one solution is to keep a sheet where you drop every calc (filter it to 1 day, or a tiny amount of data...it only needs to be present)


          Or what I did was look at that calc in the original...



          So could see it was the [Count in District] that was missing. I just copied this from the original to the new datasource (you can just right click a dim or measure, select copy and then paste into new datasource. As it retains it's original name (the [Calculation_2134322.....] the [1st Or 2nd Place] field picked it up and now works again.


          Hope that helps and makes sense


          also you may want to vote this idea up https://community.tableau.com/ideas/5655 I'd also recommend reading the thread comments as there is lots of good links to "workarounds" that help make it a bit less annoying (there is also a fair bit of frustration in some of the comments too!!)

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            Alex Marlow

            Thank you so much! Interestingly enough...it wasn't giving me all the calculated function abilities until I saved and then reopened the workbook just now.


            Thanks again,