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    Percentage Filtered Out

    Nishant Trehan

      Hello Everyone,


      So, I have a counter on top of my dashboard which has almost all the important measures (some amount fields and the number of records field) and I have some filters, now what I want to show is the percentage of total which is filtered out when I filter using one of those filters. I want a new row beneath those measure values in the counter which will show the % filtered out.


      For Example:


      when I filter on Type A the counter should give me unfiltered amount in the 1st row for all the measures and % of total filtered out in the 2nd row for all the measures:


      Amount_1  ||   Amount_2  ||   Amount_3  ||   Number_of_Records

      1000          ||     2000         ||     2500        ||     25                                   --------> this is the total values which will stay constant

      25%           ||     10%         ||     57%          ||     30%                               ---------> this is the % of total which is filtered out due to the type filter



      I hope it is somewhat clear, but let me know if you need any clarifications.


      Thank you for you time and support.



      Nishant Trehan

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          Nishant Trehan

          I solved this by creating a duplicate of the data source and then creating some new fields to which calculate the percentage by taking fields from both the data sources - one data source remains unfiltered and other is being filtered.


          Still, let me know if there is another way of doing this. Thanks!