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    Mapping and aggregation

    Ian Barton

      Hi All,


      I have 3 columns

      COL A: Postcode

      COL B: Pharmacy or Hospital name

      COL C: Value


      What I'd like to do is create a calculated field called "Hos" or "Ret" based on the postcode and the hospitals or pharmacies within the postcode. The rule behind this is: If the specific postcode contains a Hospital, then "Hos" should be returned against ALL Hospital or pharmacies under that postcode. If there is no hospital return "Ret". Is sounds complex but the screenshot should clear things up as its relatively simple

      If postcode 2000 contains a hospital, then return "Hos" for all hospitals and pharmacies which have a postcode of 2000. If there are no hospitals, return the value "Ret" to all pharmacies against that postcode


      Id also like to be able to show the Pharmacies or hospitals that make up that postcode in the tooltip in the map.


      Many Thanks