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    Number format issue with small negatives

    Jörg Bartel

      Dear community,


      I have an issue displaying numbers in a table. I only want show show one decimal number, let's say 0,0 and negatives in brackets (0,0). However, if I have a very small negative number, e.g. -2.60E-06 then Tableau just displays it as 0,0 without the brackets indicating a negative number. I already tried to tackle this issue with a custom number format, in excel I would use something like the following: _(* #.##0,0_);_(* (#.##0,0)


      transferred to Tableau: _(* #,##0.0_);_(* (#,##0.0)


      But this didn't work out.


      Is there anybody who could help?


      Thank you very much in advance!


      Best J