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    HELP! how to run command line utility without tableau desktop

    Chadd Dumagas

      Hi All,


      So i came up with a script that forcefully refresh an extract in tableau server from a local excel file and its now working.


      c:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau 10.0\bin>tableau refreshextract --source-userna

      me "username" --source-password "password" --original-file "\\networkname\shares\

      CustomerSupport\Knowledge Management\Content Architecture\Tableau\RMG\datasource

      \progsched.xlsx" --force-full-refresh --server "http://servername" --site "CS" --datas

      ource "progsched" --project "CS Knowledge Management" --username "username" --pa

      ssword "password"

      Data source refresh completed.

      277135 rows uploaded.


      The problem is when i copy the entire bin folder on a different machine (no tableau desktop installed) then run the script on that machine i get the message.

      Unable to verify license. Please activate the product.


      OK, now i know i need to have the desktop installed but is there any workaround for this?

      Can i still use command line by installing tabcmd without the tableau desktop?