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    Help!! Tableau Data Extract is keep failing...

    Sudhakar Goli

      Hi Folks,


      I am new to Tableau administration. I would like to know how data extracts works. I am not finding any documents saying the process for data extracts.


      We have a full data extract which is connected to an oracle database. It is a select * from the table with 8 parallel sessions. It is trying to pull around 30 millions of data.


      The extract is keep failing after 2 hours as Tableau server default limit reaches to cancel the operation for backgrounder process.


      I would like to know is it oracle database issue or Tableau data extract. Since it is just a select * I would not think it is the database.


      Is Tableau uses ODBC connector or oracle native connector when extracting? How can we improve and optimize the connector to pull the data faster?