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    Show Rank Timeline Chart (Highlighting Specific Selection)

    Eoghan Lyons

      Hello all,


      I've encountered an issue in trying to show how sales rankings for specific individuals change over time.


      I attach a workbook of an example of my problem and where I am getting stuck.


      Using the "Sales Rank Chart" tab as an example, what I am trying to do is to see (using the dropdown parameter) how an individual performs over discrete periods when compared to the rest of the sellers. The chart itself does show me the detail in some ways, but I'd ideally like to make it so that I only see the line of the person selected in the dropdown.


      If I add the "Seller" dimension/calculated field linked to the parameter dropdown it reduces the chart to rank the true's and ranking the false's separately, effectively making the dropdown selection with a rank of 1 regardless, i.e. it is not included in the overall calculation.


      Is there a way even to just tweak it so that the selection has a prominent line color, but the others have a white line, effectively making the selection the only visible line?


      Any help much appreciated.