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    Calculating Average Compared To Overall Averages For A Region Based On Selection

    Leanne Vermeulen

      Hey guys,


      I've got a dashboard that consists of pies showing percentage of female vs male staff per organization, divided by different staff categories.


      However, given the nature of the data, each pie has its own sheet and they've simply been placed next to each other in the dashboard to create a "row".


      When I click on an organization, the row of pies filters to show only information for that organization. Now what I'm looking to do is have another twos rows of pies appear beneath the current row. The first would show the number of female employees for that category compared to the average number of female employees for that category for all remaining organizations. The second would be the same but for male employees.


      However, when a City is chosen in the drop-down filter, the average number of male/female employees for remaining organizations should only show results for remaining organizations in that city, if any.


      Any ideas?


      Example 1.png


      This second snapshot is just to show how the pies in the first row were calculated:

      Example 2.png