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    Grouping values in different sized circles; and filtering words and number values in one sheet

    Ailon H

      Hello, I am relatively new to Tableau and I am attempting to create a simple visualization to compare data points from 30 different countries.


      Background: I have data that includes 24 indicators per country. These indicators are split in 7 different sub-sections which are split in 2 different sections. Of the 7 sub-sections, 3 of them include indicators that have a number value. The values of the indicators in the remaining 4 sub-sections are one of five different words. So far, I have created a Tableau sheet with a map that has all 24 indicators in a filter on the right hand side where I can choose a certain indicator to display the values in circles over all the countries.



      1-- The number values have a large range and Tableau is giving me a different size for each value. How can I group the values in a range for each indicator? For example, I would like the values 0.3, 0.74, 2.4 and 4.8 to be grouped in a size labeled 0-5, etc.


      2-- Since the values of the indicators include both words and number values, I would like to filter the indicators with number values by size (i.e. if the number is 0.3, it would be in the small circle range; and 14.5 would be a bigger circle). Then for the indicators with word values, I would like to have a color scheme (i.e. one color represents one word). How can I create a visualization that includes all the indicators in one sheet when they have different displays (circle sizes on a map and colored countries on a filled map)?


      I greatly appreciate your help as soon as possible!


      Thank you.