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    Faster than REST API?

    Dillon Scaduto



      Objective: To synchronize my internal user cache (gemfire) with tableau's users

      Current method: use Rest calls to do all user and permission manipulation.

      Concerns: making thousands rest calls

      Limitations: Can not use Active Directory, users must exist locally in Tableau



      I want to use the fastest method to interact with tableau as an admin. I want to add users and groups and do various manipulations of that. I also want to add and revoke permissions on Workbooks and Projects Right now I have an API for the rest interface, but every call will be HTTP and it will get clunky fast, if it isn't already.


      Is there an internal Java API that I can use for remote connections? the Tableau SDK doesn't seem to offer any methods that I'm looking for (tableausdk). 


      Maybe I am over thinking this, but I'm new to REST and I'm not sure how it will perform under an increasingly large work load.

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          Tom W

          As per this page - Developer Forums

          The rest API is the only method which allows for the management of Tableau Server.


          I don't think it's an issue that you're using HTTP calls for this via a REST API. You might need to figure out a way to manage and batch your transactions though to make it efficient, otherwise it should be fine.