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    Tableau Conference Beneficial?

    Katy Swan

      Hi There!

      I'm looking into whether or not attending the Tableau conference will be worth the expense in terms of finding new ways to showcase our company's analytics as well as finding new methods to solve our reporting needs.  Would you say that the Tableau conference is worth the trip?


      Katy Swan

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          Kim Unger

          From my experience, the Tableau conference is an amazing way to see what other people are using Tableau for (great inspiration) as well as immense learning opportunities. Check out https://tc16.tableau.com/learn/schedule/tuesday and scroll through the days to see if anything from last year's conference would've interested you. This will give you a good idea of what to expect for this year.

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            Nasir Khan

            If you plan your schedule well and go to a mix of classes, you will see ROI for sure. I learned a few new tricks, got pumped up by what other people in the Tableau community are doing but the most valuable lesson I learned was to build more meaningful dashboards that answer the question. When I returned from TC16 I switched our strategy at my work place to do exactly that.