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    Shipping performance

    Christopher Evans

      I'm sure I am missing something simple, but I need to ask for help.

      I want to show shipping performance by order, by warehouse by day.

      For example, per the attached workbook, order 100 is complete, but order 103 is not.

      A complete order requires for all line items, shipped quantity = order quantity, and scheduled ship date = actual ship date.


      I can create a performance graph at the line item level, but not at the order level.  In other words, I can show if a line is shipped complete per the criteria, but I don't know how to roll that up to the entire order.  If an order shipped 9 out of 10 lines complete, but missed on one line, the whole order should show incomplete.


      The attached workbook is what I want to display (count distinct of order number per day per warehouse), but also add the performance line

      What I want to calculate is number of orders (not lines) per warehouse per day.

      So I would end up with the bar graph I have, and then a line showing I shipped 50% on this day, and 75% on that day, and so on.


      Thank you,


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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Chris


          I'm close to what you want - see below and attached





          here are the key formulas 

          Ship date mat order date = { FIXED [Order Number], [Warehouse Name]: avg(

                              if [Scheduled Ship Date]=[Actual Ship Date]then 1 else 0 END)}

          Order qty complete?= { FIXED [Order Number],[Warehouse Name]: (

                              if sum([Order Qty])=sum([Shipped Quantity]) then 1 else 0 end )}


          Order Complete =              if ([ship date match order date]) + ([Order  qty complete?]) = 2 then 'Complete' end





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            Christopher Evans


            Thank you for this.  FIXED was the function I was looking for.  I figured there was a way to pivot without displaying, but wasn't aware of that function.  I will work with this today, but I believe your knowledge has pushed me into the ballpark.


            Thank you,


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              Jim Dehner

              Thanks Chris


              Your problem was interesting - I have done some work with both distribution and manufacturing planning and have thought that Tableau was under utilized

              in those areas




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