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    Problem with SAML SSO on Tableau Server 10

    christian setiawan

      Dear All,


      I got a problem when configuring SAML for site authentication on Tableau Server 10.



      i've enabled SAML SSO on Tableau Server Web. I found no error when upload IDP metadata and Test Connection.

      I am trying to embed Tableau Site on a web page but i found saml didn't work as i am expected. Why it still display popup window of Tableau Sign in before displaying the Tableau Chart?




      Any help would be appreciated.


      Best Regards,



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          Amanda Luthy


          If the user has been authenticated to the SAML IdP prior to accessing the page where your viz is embedded they should not be prompted to sign in. However, if the user has not authenticated to the SAML IdP, or has explicitly signed out of Tableau Server, they will be prompted to sign in. You will also see this behavior if you're accessing the embedded viz via an incognito/private browser or from a new browser where you haven't already authenticated to the IdP.


          If you are prompted to log in every time you access the page in the same browser session after previously authenticating to Tableau Server, there might be a bigger issue at play here.


          Does this help answer your question?