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    How to exclude quick filter from secondary data source in a calculated field using level of detail expressions?

    prasad kulkarni


      I am working on a dashboard where I am using the data blending feature to visualize the data from different data sources in to a single view. I have quick filters of region and order date from the secondary data source.



      I am trying to calculate a calculated field for % of count of orders by region over count of orders (All region) in primary data source.


      My approach:

      I am using below calculation in the calculated field.


      COUNTD ([Order ID])/ {EXCLUDE ATTR ([Sample - Superstore - English (Extract)]. [Region]): COUNTD ([Order ID])}


      But the tableau is giving me error

      ‘level of detail expressions cannot contain table calculations or the attr function’


      Is there any another way to calculate the field.

      I am attaching a test file for recreation of the issue. Can anyone please help me on this issue.?