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    Level of detail on sub-regions


      @Hi All,


      First of all thank you in advance. I've learnt quite a bit from this forum so really appreciate all the people who take time out to respond.


      Here's an issue I'm having now.


      In the attached workbook, I'm using Level Of Detail calculation on the SCH_ENBL_FLG_INT field so I can perform a % of total calculation (Scheduled % = SCH_FLG/SCH_ENBL_FLG_INT) in the top view. However I cannot use the same view at a regional level because for regional level data, I would like to see scheduled %  at a regional level vs using the total number in the d. For eg: In the bottom view of the dashboard, AMER All Day should show as 456 (SCH_FLG)/ 1243 (Total for AMER) but given it's using LOD, its calculating 456 over the total number of SCH_ENBL_FLG_INT.


      Any ideas on how to get Scheduled % at a regional level in the Region view?


      Tableau version: 9.3