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    Remove space after shape

    Jennifer Capps



      Any thoughts on how to remove the extra space after the shape?   I've set everything (except my percentage) to right alignment. I tried adding a blank from another suggestion, but that messed up my calculation and didn't solve the problem.


      Thanks in advance!





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          Tom W

          Resize the column?

          It's tough to say without seeing how you've actually built the workbook. Please upload a Tableau Packaged Workbook so we can replicate.

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            Jennifer Capps

            Hi Tom,


            Unfortunately, I can't share this data.  I did try to resize as well.   I'll see if I can replicate with Sample Superstore.



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              Jennifer Capps

              Created a sample superstore packaged workbook. Thank you!

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                Bhujang Hundre

                Hi Jennifer,

                You can reduce the size between two columns by dragging the separate line only to some extent. Because the shape occupies centre position and you cannot align it to left or right.Only text can be


                Big B

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                  Tom W

                  You can get a little tricky by creating a fake axis.

                  • Create a field called 1, in the formula box type 1.0 (the .0 is important)
                  • Drag 1 to the columns shelf, set the aggregation to min
                  • Edit the axis range, change it to be 0 through 1.2
                  • Hide the axis header


                  Your sheet will now look like this -

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                    Jennifer Capps

                    Brilliant! I saw (probably from you) this on something else and couldn't get it to work.  I think I missed the .0.   Thank you so much!

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                      Jennifer Capps

                      Tom W   This solution worked in sample superstore, but when I applied it to my actual worksheet it caused my Percent of Total to go to 100%.   Any thoughts (without seeing the data) on what might have caused this?   I'll play around a bit to see if I can figure it out, but thought I would ask since it seems like you have experience with this.  

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                        Jennifer Capps

                        Hello all,


                        I've attached a new file and replaced the text with the alphabet.  Once I do as Tom suggested my data goes to 100%.  I thought maybe it was the version I was using, so I tried it on a newer version of Tableau.  Still having the same issue.


                        Thank you in advance!

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                          Tom W

                          Your Table calculation on the 'Percent of Total' field on the marks card needs to change when you add the MIN(1) field onto the column shelf. If you leave it as it was, it's calculating for the 'pane' which is just that one cell. Change it over to calculate using Table > Across.


                          Also, I see you're hiding a month of data. Is this intentional? My concern is, this will impact your % of total calculation. Unhide the extra month and just drag out Number of Records into the report and you'll see for 'A' you have 2048 records. Thus A for April is 123/2048 = 6%. Or do you actually only want it to divide by the number of records in April = 997?

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                            Jennifer Capps



                            Yes, that is the problem.   If I change it over to calculate using Table > Across it gives me exactly what you have 123/2048 = 6% instead of 123/997 = 12.34.   Correct, they do not want to see the previous month.   I've tried playing with the advance calculations, but I'm still getting comfortable with the functionality.


                            They would also prefer I could do the following: 


                            1)  April(Percent of Total) - March(Percent of Total) to determine the difference.
                            2) The Percent Difference (March) to be visible in the tooltip


                            but those are all different issues that I don't believe can be accomplished in the current tool.   However, I felt like space after the marks would be an easy win.


                            Thank you so much for trying to help me sort through this issue!!  I've spent several hours on it.

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                              Jennifer Capps

                              Hello Tom,


                              I was able to get it to work!  I had to switch the month and status fields to adjust the calculation.   Thank you again for your help.  I'll mark your detailed response as the correct response!