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    Trouble with calendar view of data (Tableau 10.1)

    Calum Sellars

      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to create a calendar view of a data, but I'm not having much success in getting it to look how I want it to.


      Essentially, I am trying to recreate the view in the attached .PPT, but some issues I am having include:


      - Not all dates showing (i.e. when there is no data or value on that particular date)

      - Formatting (date on text field is repeated when there are two records on that particular date - see 5th May as an example)

      - Ultimately, I want to have a sliding filter so that I can slide between different months, but as per first point, I want all dates to show whether there is data or not


      I've attached the .twbx file and the excel data for you to look at it.


      Please help!


      Many thanks,