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    Difference of a running total reset on year

    Daniel Wilcox



      I am working with some data that is provided quarterly and summed year-to-date. For example, if in Q1 2016 I made $100 and in Q2 I made $120 my data would read:


      Q1 2016: $100

      Q2 2016: $220


      I want to have Tableau take the difference of this running total to change my running total to values for individual quarters. I've tried using a quick table calculation to take the difference but since my data effectively resets in Q1 each year, my Q1 differences are always incorrect. Again, as an example, if Q4 2015 is recorded as having $410 (cumulative for that year, even if it only made $90 that particular quarter) and Q1 2016 is $100, after I take my table calculation my data will look like this:


      Q4 2015: (left blank because it's first)

      Q1 2016: - $310

      Q2 2016: $120


      Is there a way I can do a difference-from-previous while having Q1 stay the same every time the year resets? I would like my data to look like this after taking the difference:


      Q4 2015: $90

      Q1 2016: $100

      Q2 2016: $120


      I've attached a sample workbook that provides test data to illustrate the problem.