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    Change parameter selection based of quick filter

    Rashi Raj



      I have a situation where based on a Relative date filter selection I have to change value of a parameter.


      Relative Date quick filter has these values:

      last 7 days

      Last 30 days

      Month To Date

      Quarter to date

      Year to date


      Parameter value should be:


      Last 7 days=> Daily

      Last 30 Days=> Daily, Weekly

      Month To Date=> Daily, Weekly

      Quarter to Date=> Weekly, Monthly

      Year to date=> Monthly, Quaterly


      The parameter is used to define the granularity of the tabular view in the dashboard.

      Suppose, Last 30 days is selected on the Relative Date filter then user should have the ability to see data, daily or weekly.




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          Jinesh Mehta

          Hi Rashi,


          Parameters are typically used to get user inputs that must update the viz.


          I think the solution I can think of is to create a calculated field that is based on the logic you have mentioned for the parameter fiel. And then use the calculated field instead to define the granularity of the viz? Is that a workable solution?



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            Galen Busch

            Hi Jinesh,

            Without having a workbook to play with, here's how I might approach this problem.


            I would test how many days are displayed in your filter:


            COUNTD([Date]) will give you the number of days in your view


            [Testing Date]

            IF COUNTD([Date]) <= 7 then 1

            ELSEIF COUNTD([Date]) <= 30 then 2

            ELSEIF COUNTD([Date]) <= 90 then 3

            ELSE 4



            You can't 'filter' a parameter, unfortunately.


            I would then create calculations for Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly:



            If [Testing Date] = 1

            OR [Testing Date] = 2

            OR [Testing Date] = 3

            then DATEPART('day',[Date])END



            If [Testing Date] = 2 then DATEPART('week',[Date])

            OR [Testing Date] = 3 then DATEPART('week',[Date])

            OR [Testing Date] = 4 then DATEPART('week',[Date])




            If [Testing Date] = 3

            OR [Testing Date] = 4

            then DATEPART('Month',[Date])




            If [Testing Date] = 4 then DATEPART('quarter',[Date])



            If you then place these 4 discrete date calculations on your view on columns, and play with your relative date filter, you should see your date fields alter depending on the number of days in your filter.