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    "Guest" user account permission does not retain after upgrading to 10.2.x? Is anyone else have experience this?

    Jayesh Patel

      Hello Admins,


      We have Tableau enterprise license and have upgraded one of our test server from 10.1.3 to 10.2.0 and later 10.2.1. We noticed that "Guest" user account permission does not retain when we add as a "Guest" user permission to a project (either newly created or existing). I have contacted Tableau technical support and working with them but they said this is not they are able to duplicate. Not sure what it causes? We have 10.1.3 (another) test/production environment where it works fine. I have webex session with Tableau technical team and showed as well.


      Checking with Tableau community, if anyone else having this issue with 10.2.X?