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    How get password for tblwgadmin user

    Michał Wrobel



      How I can get password for tblwgadmin user.


      In file C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\config\tabsvc.yml is hashedpassword.


      In the previous version the password is save in text in 10.2 is hashed: pgsql.adminpassword: ENC(8UvoLnRYR/yXgcIAYxVhVIL4yUo4ggnu6D0eBuxLImRk513TzKMTATon+crq+unKqCOPQlEZ9DjN7p+HxDAPPAthvmEJb8wQxIka21VsJWML9yX2hdnrYg==)


      I need this account to create new database in postgreSql to my custom application.


      Thanks for help


      Regards Michał