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    SMTP logs

    Vale Trujillo



      Does anyone know the log files that would show information about server notification emails being sent or not sent?


      I am scratching my head as to why my SMTP notifications make it through to some accounts (specifically my own), but not to others (a shared mailbox). I have tested all of my email configuration using Powershell under both my own account and the Tableau server Run As account without any issues so I know all the addresses are viable. The server happily sends to my own account but refuses to send to the shared mailbox.


      I am hoping there is a log file that can shed some light on the issue.



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          Jeff Strauss

          I'm not sure about the log files, but you should have a look at the AD setup for the shared mailbox.  I believe this happened to me, that there was a flag within the account setup for the shared mailbox or the underlying active directory that specified whether external access (i.e. Tableau Server) was allowed.

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            Vale Trujillo

            That was my first thought. I will have to look into it. I would have expected a Powershell Send-MailMessage command to fail, using the same parameters from the Tableau server, but that all works fine.