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    Could anyone please help me understand what is the difference between 'Only relevant Values' and 'Context filter'?


      I am using tableau 10.1. I am using a parameter to show a specific sheet based on the parameter value. I have two views based on the same data source. The two views use the same filters. I am showing the specific view on a dashboard based on a parameter value but the filters on the dashboard show 'No items' when selecting either view (it works for one view but shows 'no items' for other view). I need to show the relevant values in the filters. I have set 'Only relevant values' option on the filters. I am facing similar problem discussed in the post https://community.tableau.com/thread/164807. If I use 'context filter' instead of 'Only relevant values' I can get rid of this issue but the context filter has a limitation with LOD expression. what's the difference between 'Only relevant Values' and 'Context filter'? Any help would be appreciated.