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    HTML 5 web browser test

    Toby Erkson

      We are still on IE 10 and with the update to version 10.2.0 there are a couple instances where workbook rendering is failing or not complete.  For example, embedding a viz in our SharePoint 2010 site will show the worksheet tabs but not the text within them   This is due to our version of IE10 not being HTML 5 compliant.  Below is the test I have my end users execute to determine if it's a browser issue or not.  This is for Internet Explorer only.  For those using another browser please place your instructions below.  Thanks!


      Testing in Internet Explorer

      If a workbook isn’t displaying properly or giving an error – and prior to this Tableau Server upgrade it was working – then please use the below procedure to see if it’s a browser issue or not.

      Go to the page that is supposed to display the report. Press the F12 function key on your keyboard.  Click on the Emulation tab at the far right.  Select Edge for the Document mode.

      Your browser window will reload.  This test is to check if it’s a browser version issue.  Tableau does not work completely with IE 10 and lesser versions.  So if it works with Edge mode then that confirms it’s a browser issue.  Either way, once done you can close the F12 Developer Tools window and your browser; things will return to normal.