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    Calcuating a 5% reduction from a baseline value

    Steve Ellis

      I am 2 weeks into Tableau and can't seem to find my answer by searching the forum--I apologize if I missed it as well as using incorrect terminology.


      I have data from 2005 to current with actual counts in a column.  What I am wanting to end up with is a graph that will have bars for the Actual Count and a line showing my 'target count'.


      Target count = 5% reduction from baseline year of year.  


      So if my first value in a table is 10000 that will become my BASELINE, year 2 would be 5% less (950), year 3 would be 5% off 950 (903), year 4 would be 5% off 903 (857), etc..


      I can write a formula to take 5% off the prior year actual count but not 5% off the prior year 'target count'.  I hope this makes sense.


      Attached is an excel sheet that has some data and may make more sense.


      Thank you in advance.