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    Tableau server-permissions

    Vishnu Shankar

      Hello everyone,


      Basically I have 5 users in the tableau server and one admin user. 3 users publish workbooks from one data source and other 2 uses another connection of data source.


      I want each user to be a publisher as well as they can web edit the workbooks and create new workbooks.


      I grouped those users in separate groups. I created a new project and made project based permissions so that each group can only see separate projects and pubish dashboards in projects assigned to them.


      Now when a user publishes the workbook from his account, he becomes the owner of that content so he can see permissions option in the view. He can not edit the permissions as i have locked the content permissions but he can see the permission option and from that he can view the other users as well. I want that option to be disabled.


      Is there any way I can disable the permission options for the content owner user.

      or As content owners, publishers get full access to their content.


      Please help.