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    Understanding how tableau calculates AVG on different dimensions

    Mahmudur Saniat


      In the attached screenshot you can see I have tried to make a calculated field.

      First I have taken the sum of profit (per sub category <- according to view).

      Divided by no. of product sub-category (per sub category <- according to view).

      The expected result was, for the first sub category:

      121651 / 1 = 121651.

      But I didnt get that, rather tableau divided the first value (sum of profit on sub-category) by the no of orders on that sub-category => 121651 / 492
      Why is that ?





      This is my first step towards a longer goal by the way. In the end I want to calculate the difference of profit from the avg profit per sub-category as the picture indicates. Your help on the end goal will also be appreciated.