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    Table Calculation Visualization - Facing Problem

    Aakash Udasi

      Hello Everyone,


      I need community help to the problem i am trying to solve since last few days


      I have created a Table using Table calculation option. The table uses 3 dimensions : 1)Emp ID, 2) Date, 3) Lane ID


      I need to put this view in a bar form but i only want to put Emp ID as a dimension. The moment i put it in the view without other 2 dimensions on the basis of which the marks were calculated the view distorted. Tableau enforces that we at the least put the other two dimensions in "Detail" marks which creates the view i do not want.


      Annexing the table which has been created using Table calculation field. Sorry unable to share the dashboard as it contains confidential data sets,



      I want to see 117295 and 117349 in bar diagram. Do not want to use Lane ID and Date in the dimension. Is there a workaround where i use other dimensions in Table calculation without putting the same in the view?


      Thanks in advance