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    How to create calculated field for aggregated dates in a date range

    Danjin Sun

      I have multiple devices(each with a unique serial number) in my data source, and each device have multiple active timestamps. I can calculate active date range of each device by allocating the timestamps between the first and last timestamps into days. But since Tableau do not support create data, I cannot create individual dates from that range. However, I do want to see for each date in that range, how many device could have been active (whose first active timestamp <= that date and last active timestamp >= that date), so that I can apply it to the date range and see how potential number of users change along time.


      So basically I want to be able to sample on any given day how many devices are 'active', as defined by the current date being between their first and last date.


      I created a toy twb to address the problem, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!